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What is an autoresponder?

If you set up an autoresponder, all emails that are sent to a particular address will receive an automatic reply. This is good if you are on holiday or need to inform people not to use this email address to contact someone.

However, it can cause difficulty if the email address in question is signed up to a mailing list or receives a lot of newsletters, as an autoresponder will reply to every email it receives.

To set up an autoresponder:

  1. Log into your Hosting cPanel
  2. Click ‘Autoresponders’ under ‘Email’
  3. Click on Add Autoresponder
  4. Enter in the email address you want to automatically reply to emails
  5. Enter in the email subject, or leave it blank if you want to use the original email’s subject
  6. Choose the content type of the email – either plain-text or HTML
  7. Enter in the message
  8. Set the date to start the autoresponder
  9. Set the date to stop the autoresponder
  10. Click ‘Create/Modify’
  11. The autoresponder will be created

An autoresponder can be deleted or edited at any time.

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